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Fairchild Industrial Products

Fairchild Industrial Products

Fairchild Industrial ProductsPressure Regulators - Fairchild industrial control products include pneumatic regulators, precision pressure regulators, back pressure regulators, miniature regulators, filter service regulators, precision stainless steel regulators, motorized regulators, low pressure regulators and specialty regulators.

- I/P, E/P, D/P & P/I electro-pneumatic transducers have extensive combinations of inputs and outputs, carry standard FM, CSA, ATEX or IECEx agency approvals, and maintain accuracies of 0.25% or 0.5%.

Volume Boosters
- pneumatic volume boosters with high flow capacity and fast response. A wide range of signal to output pressure ratios, pipe sizes and options are available in Fairchild’s pilot operated regulator booster products with a Cv of 1 up to a Cv of 18, with flow capacities of 45 SCFM, 76.5 m3/hr up to 1500 SCFM, 2550 m3/hr.

- Pneumatic relays serves a multitude of control applications: positive biasing relays, positive and negative biasing relays, infinitely adjustable ratio relays, reversing relays, averaging and computing relays, high and low pressure selectors, and high and low pressure limiting relays.

Valve Positioners
- The YT-3400 smart valve positioner has undergone extensive hardware and software development. Valve signature, advanced step tests and Partial Stroke Test (PST) can be operated from local or remote positions. Local display and push buttons allow fast setting and commissioning operations. The printed circuit board, chip and electrical components have been updated to increase calculation speed, reactiveness, and dynamic performance.

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